Nellies Stand Up Pouch

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Flexible packaging for laundry products requires extra care because of the potentially corrosive content. Nellie’s laundry soda is a renowned Canadian brand for its household products such as detergent powder and other cleaning chemicals and agents.

This tailor-made stand up pouch has perfectly displayed a good household product packaging design. The irregular shape of the bag has successfully kicked out other boring laundry powder packaging which are of unanimously regular shape on shelf. Perforation is required for laundry powders to “breathe” and two mini holes are punched at the back of the packaging, of 1mm diameter each. Bags with window are also a noticeable design which clients can see what it contains inside the pouch.

Logos Packaging has been working on household products for years. Email us and see what we can do for you.

  • Packaging Bag Features:
  • Available Packaging Bag Options:

Enhanced Functionality:  Pull Tab zipper, Degassing Valve

Printing Techniques: Rotogravure Print

Designed Options:  Shaped Doy Pack

Available Size: 750g

Stand Up Pouch Features:

 • Easy Filling

 • Various zipper locks available

 • Tailor shapes available

Barrier Level:

• Low to Medium

Common Application:

 • Household Product Packaging, Laundry Packaging, Snack Packaging, Toy Packaging, FMCG Packaging

Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes.Please request a sample to ensure a better fit to you.