Inaba Dual-Compartment Retort Pouch

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Description :

It is a pioneering design for this dual-compartment pouch for pet food packaging. Assorted flavours are available by introducing this packaging design and consumers can buy two flavours in one time now. Not only applicable to pet food packaging, this design also works on snack packaging, candy packaging, beverage packaging and ready-to-eat meal packaging as well.

Double chambers pouch has a big market potential and contact Logos today to know more how does the dual compartments work and how can we rebrand your products by new packaging design.

  • Packaging Bag Features:
  • Available Packaging Bag Options:

Enhanced Functionality: Matt Coating for Retort Purpose

Printing Techniques: Rotogravure Print

Designed Options:  Retort Dual-Compartment Stand up Pouch

Available Size: 150g

Retort Pouch Features:

 • High temperature sanitization available

 • Extreme high barrier against air and moisture

 • Different shapes available

Barrier Level:

• High

Common Application:

 • Soup Packaging, Snack Packaging, Beverage Packaging, FMCG Packaging, Pet Food Packaging, Military Supplies Packaging (MRE)

Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes.Please request a sample to ensure a better fit to you.