Coles Fruit Puree Spouted Bag

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Description :

Fruit puree is not only for babies but adults in need of nutritional supplement as well. Sucked pouch is a good packaging solution as they are easy portable and user friendly. The stand up pouch of this Coles fruit puree has offered spacious storage and perfect standing on shelf. The foil structure also gives an excellent barrier of oxygen and water vapour to this spouted stand up pouch.

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  • Packaging Bag Features:
  • Available Packaging Bag Options:

Enhanced Functionality: Spout Pouch Zipper, Coloured cap and spout

Printing Techniques: Rotogravure Print

Designed Options:  Spout Pouch

Available Size: 90g

Spout Pouch Features:

 • User-friendly

 • Anti-choking cap/ Baby-proof cap available

 • Suitable for liquid and granular products

Barrier Level:

• High

Common Application:

 • Liquid Packaging, Soup Packaging, Water Packaging, Baby Food Packaging, Fruit Puree Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Motor Oil Packaging

Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes.Please request a sample to ensure a better fit to you.