Vacuum Bag

Item No: Fresh Food - Vacuum Bag
Description :

Vacuum Bag, is a common fresh food packaging. It can be existed in the form of 3 side seal bags, stand up bag, 4 side seal bag, etc . Fresh foods’ shelf life can be extended by 5 times at maximum . Vacuum Bag avoids fresh foods spoiling as foods are stored in a airless environment. At Logos, we offer wide range of vacuum bag with many featured functions, printings, materials, dimensions & size. LOGOS vacuum bag is your best fresh food packaging. 

Vacuum Bag Introduction>>

  • Packaging Bag Features:
  • Available Packaging Bag Options:

Vacuum Bag Key Features:

•Ultimate barrier to oxygen and moisture
•Light weight
•Easy To Open Zipper
•Stand stable
•Shelf Presence
•Variety of designed options

Barrier Level: 


Common Application:

•Frozen Food Packaging, Fresh Food Packaging, Seafood Packaging, Salmon Packaging, Frozen Meals Packaging, Meat Packaging, Vegetable Packaging, 

Enhanced Functionality: Top Zipper, Top Slider, Punch Hole, Round Hole, Euro Hole, Handle

Printing Techniques: D-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing

Designed Options: Transparent Pouch, Side Windows, Clear Front Windows

Available Size: 100G – 1KG

>>Understand More Details Of Different Printing & Functionality Options
Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes.Please request a sample to ensure a better fit to you.