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Case Study: How RETORT POUCH helps Campbell in boosting SALES

Campbell Soup, a 143-year-old brand which packages its foods with classic red & white cans, nearly dominates the ready food market. For last several years, Campbell finds its soup sales in US were dropping & North American soup business has lost market share since 2008. Find Out The Causes

When comparing different shopper groups, Campbell finds that Generation Y, which ages 18 – 29, are less likely than the average customer group & far less likely than middle-aged boomers, to buy soup. To tackle it, Charles Vila, the VP for consumer insights, analyzed Gen Y’s preference and concluded that high-end & simple are the ideal product that Gen Y likes most.
Response To The Market With Retort Pouch
 Utimately, Campbell re-designs its new soup line – Campbell Go! Soup by retort pouch, which is simple & innovative. As retort pouch is microwable & light-weight, it certainly fits the Gen Y preference in term of portability, convenience & fashionable. Futhermore, the high-end retort pouch changes the look and feel of Campbell from old-fasion to be fasionable in Gen Y’s minds. 
“Go! Soup can bridge the generation gap. Consumers are savvy enough to understandthe value propostition.”, Darren Serrao – VP of innovation of Campbell’s North American business says.

Retort Pouch is work!
 To sum up, according to Denise Morrison, Campbell soup CEO, the repeat purchases of the pouches are strong. It seems the plan is working so far. Sales of ready-to-eat soups are up 4% in most recent quarter from the same period last year.

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