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Detergent in Butterfly pouch

  1. Wine consumption among millennial (ages 21 to 34) continues to grow (wine market council).
  2. Decisions are fast and based on value the wine brings to the drinking experience.
  3. Drinking Green PicNic and the South African DeMoravia white as well as Zambezi Red wines is a very social experience for millennials.
  4. Today the patented BarrelPaQ™ pouch is easy to transport and share. The structure is “deep green” and if incinerated has zero carbon dioxide footprint. It also requires less trailers/gasoline/energy for transportation/ manufacturing compared to bottles.
  5. The BarrelPaQ™ is available in several sizes the most popular is the 3 liter (4 X 750ml bottles). The BarrelPaQ™ cools faster than glass and opening is easy with a built in spout.
  6. The opened BarrelPaQ™ pouch also stays fresh longer than glass because it remains sealed throughout the drinking experience.
  • Strong pouch / safer than glass if dropped
  • Cools quickly / within 15 minutes you are enjoying wine
  • Logistics are green / one BarrelPaQ® pouch = 2 X 750ml glass wine pouches same on cardboard and transport. 5% weight of glass packaging.
  • Protects product / The non drip tap allows no oxygen in so wine stays fresh for up to 6 weeks longer after opening. No other product can be added. No cork contamination.
  • Brand identity / The cool colors and all round increased graphics ensure you recognize your brand.
  • Deep green / A zero carbon dioxide footprint if incinerated in Florida, FPL run garbage incinerators and capture the energy from the process. For normal garbage chain has 80% plus lower carbon dioxide footprint then 2 X 750 ml glass bottles (PIRA study)
  • Safety / Take to the beach, pool, BBQ and other outside events with no worry – no glass rule does not apply.
  • Environment / One truck load of BarrelPaQ® pouches = 18 truckloads of empty 750ml glass bottles and caps. The weight advantage over glass bottles off substantial transportation savings and environment benefits.

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