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Flat Bottom Bag Introduction

Flat bottom bag, or known as square bottom bag, block bottom bag or box pouch, is the most innovative packaging. It can be customized for almost any application, such as, food packaging, snack food packaging, pet food packaging, coffee & tea packaging, instant beverage packaging, lawn and garden packaging, etc.With 4 sealed edges, flat bottom bag is reinforced. Compared together with the gusset bag, thanks to the flat bottom, the largest benefit of flat bottom bag is standing stable. Flat bottom bag stands stable even it is empty or not fully loaded, so it is eye catching on the shelf. Without the back seal, a clear back panel is available for printing without any interruption. Flat bottom bag offers 5 printing panels for marketing, including front and back panel, 2 side gussets as well as the clear flat bottom. Two side gussets can be expanded, which provides the additional bag storage, so shelf space is optimized. Innovative flat bottom bag is undoubtedly eye catching and powerful for market differentiation in the intensive market. Optional clear side gussets or front window are available, so customers can view the content before buying. Moreover, flat bottom bag has a better graphics presentation and printing panels, which paper or box packaging can’t achieve. The options of customized packaging, like Matt Finishing, D-metallization, one-way degassing valve and other value-added features, are exclusive for flat bottom bag at LOGOS. What’s more, flat bottom bag is convenient and user-friendly, which is favored by most buyers. Easy to open top slider or resealable zipper pouch is common in flat bottom bag, it brings comfort to customers, so buyers can open and re-use the pouch effortlessly. Last but not least, it is cost-effectiveness and environmental friendly, 30% less materials are required. In addition, as flat bottom bag is light and flat when empty, logistic cost, storage cost, warehouse cost, retort process cost and wastes are reduced. Need more information about flat bottom bag? Talk with LOGOS consultants.

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