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Flat bottom pouch from LOGOS

Flat bottom pouch is getting more and more popular in the market. Better looking(the image won’t twist), larger volume and stand more stable.

There are so many converters providing flat bottom pouch, but LOGOS makes it better. As a flat bottom pouch is made with 5 pieces web, it is difficult to manage the heat sealing temperature. Too high, the material structure will be damaged. Too low, sealing strength wont be good enough. So flat bottom is easily to leak when filled, either gas/water vapor or liquid. LOGOS is handling flat bottom pouch well. Let’s see how LOGOS make it.

The machine. Well designed pouch making machine is the first step for making good quality pouch. While most coverters are using machines Made-in-China, LOGOS choses the world class machine which is 4~5 times more expensive than Made-in-China ones. We can’t paint the wall well if there is no wall at all!

The people. LOGOS is young, but our management team has more than 20 years experiences in flexible packaging industry. We know machines and we know how to manage them.

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