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Stand up pouches or doypacks have altered the face of consumer packaging for products such as coffee, nuts, sweets, pet food, soups, ready meals as well as a range of industrial applications. Stand-up pouches are the future of packaging and have so many advantages. Nowadays, pouches just “stand up” wont be enough for customers who are facing more and more competition in the “war on shelf”.

LOGOS Packaging has been leading supplier of stand up pouches for years, now flat bottom pouch– a new type of “stand up” is introduced to customers. Let’s see the see why flat bottom pouch is better than just “stand up”!

Stabler! As shown in the picture, flat bottom provides great stablity while the pouch is standing, regardless of if it is filled or empty. Comparing to normal doypack(right side), flat bottom wont be eaily fell from the shelf or table.   

More presentable!  It is obvious , after filling, the flat bottom is vertically straight, the stand up pouch is going tilted. This means space saving!

Zipper, valve optional. Resealable zipper is great help to keep water vaper or dust outside the pouch, we surly can add zipper on the flat bottom pouch, even it is side gusset. Food like coffee will require lower water vaper in the pouch, a valve will make it possible. Yes, we can add valve on the flat bottom pouch!  

LOGOS packaging  is No.1 in flat bottom pouch! Experienced team, world class facility, advanced testing devices…all we have is to provide you the best packaging solution! Get contact with our expertise for further information!

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