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Easy Peelable Lidding Film

Traditionally, film covered trays or bowls are welded together either by heat or ultrasonic methods. These extremely robust seals provide superior tamper evidence, but it can be difficult to remove without a cutting utensil. LOGOS offers sterilizable top films for challenging cooking applications and ready meals. Thanks to the peelable film which makes it easier for consumers to enjoy ready meals directly in the package.

Easy Peelable Lidding Film Application:

  • Snack Food
  • Ready To Eat Food
  • fresh meat
  • cuts of meat
  • sliced meat
  • sausages and salami
  • poultry products
  • cheese slices
  • fish and seafood
  • nuts and dried food

Why People Like Easy Peelable Lidding Film?

Easy open package


Tamper resistance