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Flexible packaging is changing our life and LOGOS PACKAGING is an innovative power in flexible packaging. Founded by a team with 15 years experiences, LOGOS Packaging aims to provide top quality flexible packaging solution to clients from domestic and all over the world.

Spout pouch.

This form of flexible packaging is extremely popular in baby food market as it is so convenient for parents to apply when feeding baby. The baby can feed themselves without messing up!

Besides, the anti-choke cap is making it even better as baby/toddler won’t get choked, the cap is too big for their mouth!!

Flat bottom pouch

Comparing to stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch stands more stabler, contains more volume and the pressentive performance is much better.

You can see clearly from above picture that flat bottom pouch is looking much better than the right one, a stand up pouch.

Retort pouch


Retort pouch can almost take the place of rigid packaging to cut cost for storage, transportation.

Many more brands and products are shifting from rigid packaging to retort pouch, such as Heinz,

Ready food, MRE, and pet food, retort pouch is making our life much more easier.

Our packaging experts are ready to support you with better packaging solution, contact us now!

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