Breakfast, Cereals Packaging

Nowadays, packaging for Cereal in Stand Up Doypack or Quad Seal Flat Bottom zipper bag have been widely are popular in the flexible packaging sector. Packaging cost can be reduced by removing the paper box, directly replaced by Stand Up pouch or Flat Bottom Bag. Thanks to the reclose zipper features, it keeps product freshness once the pouch has been opened. Logos Packaging provides total solution to your Oat meal packaging. Logos Packaging is your best packaging partner. All of our packaging is produced in facility which has been accredited with BRC Class A in Global Food Packaging and GMP in hygiene and sanitary control.

*Photos are collected from market or internet to illustrate the application of stand up zipper pouch for Muesli Oats Meal.

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Packaging Bag Features:

Breakfast Cereal Packaging Key Features:

  • User-friendly Reclose Zipper to keep product freshness
  • Glossy Vs Pattern Matt to create different colour tone
  • Laser score helps consumer tear and open the pouch easily
  • 5 Panel of advertising billboard
  • Light weight
  • Shelf space optimization
  • Mono Material Laminate is an option of recyclable packaging

Barrier Requirement: Should use Lower OTR and WVTR laminate structure
Common Application: Cereals, Oat Meal, Granola Products.