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Retort Pouch

Retort Pouch is designed to displace cans and bottles. Retort Pouch can help sealed containers to extend their shelf life, for heating of low acid foods prone to microbial spoilage. The goal of retort processing is to obtain commercial sterilization by application of heat. Retort pouch provides all the protection while delivering a better-tasting product. In Europe and Asia, where retort pouch has been common for years, packagers love its portability and minimal storage requirements. Retort Pouch can also be featured with zipper closures, Spout closures and converted into shaped. This packaging is especially suitable for cooked and pre-prepared foods.

Retort Pouch Flexible Packaging Application:

Why People Like Retort Pouch?

Short retort time, less energy

Lower set up cost than canned food

Light package and safety