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GROWTH OF Flexible Packaging

LOGOS PACKAGING intends to provide top quality flexible packaging solutions to domestic market and overseas clients by state-to-art facilities and experiences workers.

LOGOS people understands press machine and we know high performace requires customized parts not just massive production ones. All of our clients are happy with our press performance. The image looks perfect.

To serve clients from overseas better, besides connect with them directly, we also cooperate with locol agents. What if both of us meet the same prospect? LOGOS will stay back of our agent to support them and work together serving the client. Profite is our vaule but to protect agents’ interests, is much more important than money as we are looking for long term cooperation. By supplying top quality products, we are creating win-win situation with all of our agents from Australia, the U.S, UK and other countries in the world. Of course, new agent is still wanted as the demand for flexible packaging is huge and still growing very fast.

Flat bottom pouch, retort pouch, spout pouch and top silder pouch, LOGOS PACKAGING has never stopped the endeavor to creat new packaging solution to help clients win the war on supermarket shelf.

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