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Head Of Sainsbury’s Packaging: Packaging Plays a Critical Role In Reducing Food Waste

Mr Stuart Lendrum, head of packaging and design of Sainsbury’s, said that packaging has an important role to play in reducing food waste across the supply chain in the event called “Packaging: Minimising environmental impack through the life-cycle”. 

“With regards to reducing waste, be that reducing waste from the very initial part of supply chain right through our sotres and through homes, packaging plays a critical role and plays an important one in terms of reducing food waste”, he said.

He pointed out the benefits of packaging in term of reducing food waste with an example, he said: ” It is great we are moving to vacuum packed products in fresh meat, fish, poultry as we are reducing waster, improving the life of the product… and improving the taste and texture of the product.”

He added that customer perception of such packaging is “relatively negative”. In other words, using right packaging to tackle the issue of food waste is challenging. Yet, there is a need to move that forward.

Recently, Sainsbury’s, the supermarket giant, has a number of sustainability targets which packaging is included in. Mr Lendrum added:” The targets are really around the hierachy that we all know and for us on packaging, it is saying from a packaging point of view we want to reduce the amount of packaging we use and make it recyclable where possible and where we can make it from recycled material.” 

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