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Heinz Launches A New Baby Food Line With Innovative Spout Pouch

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Heinz has expanded its baby food range with the launch of innovative baby food pouches in response to the parents’ needs. 

Designed with a smooth texture for babies 4-plus months and a mashed texture for babies 7-plus months, the baby food pouches have been develped to help mums wean their babies onto solid foods, Heinz said.

“From our research we found that mums wanted a range of products specially developed to help wean babies and help them develop their eating skills.”, said Christina Honigfort – Heniz marketing manager of infant feeding.

“At heniz we know how important key vitamins and minerals, such as iron, are in the early stages of food discovery to allow them to grwo up healthy.”

“We see the launch of Heinz Pouches as part of our continued commitment to supporting mums and babies on their weaning jourey, as well as driving sales of the new range for our retail partners”

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