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Market Insight: Don’t overlook the POWER of packaging

A research, conducted by PRS (Preception Research Services), found that packaging can influence purchase decisions at point-of sales. What’s more, packaging is a powerful tool for brand differentiation, price premiums justification & brand loyalty increase.

However, such valuable marketing tool is often overlooked by short-sighted businesses due to inconsistent views between packaging engineers & brands manager as well as significant initial costs, such as, new equipment installment, retooling, training, etc.

Positive Impacts of innovative packaging

1. Shelf Presence

“Over one-third of brands displayed are ignored completely at point of sales.”, PRS Eye-Tracking studies found. Only with the innovative packaging & advanced printing design, you can grab customers’ attentions, convert them to purchase your products or even drive their implusive purchase. 

2. Brand Differentiation 

“Dove’s taller thinner package suggested a more ” feminine” and “clean” product than those of competitors packaged in thicker and more uniform package.” This study clearly shows that packaging may not brings any functional benefits, but it certainly helps your product be different in customers’ minds. In other words, it is powerful in brand building & communication. 

3. Brand Loyalty

When new packaging is more user-friendly, user experience as well as customer satisfcation will be highly increased, leading to stronger brand preference and loytaly. For example, Heniz’s customers don’t have to face “where is my in opener?” after Heniz changed its ready soup from metal can to BPA FREE retort pouch in 2012. 

Customers’ Needs Is King

Do remember “Customers’ needs is king”. Packaging professional consultation, research of your target audiences needs as well as doing experiment are the critial processes to help you find out best packaging solutions, which is the profitable investment & innovative changes.

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