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Market Insight: Spout Pouch Style Baby Food Is Blooming

Happy Family, the organic baby food makers, started its organic baby food business in 2006 with $115,000 in sales. In 2011, the pouch style baby foods’ sales was up to $35 million.

“The top pouch is the spinach, mango and pear flavor. At 3.5 ounces and 60 calories, parents are smitten with the idea of getting their kids to eat spinach.” Shazi Visram, the founder & CEO of Happy Family said.

How’s popular is baby food spout pouch

Happy Family said, “Squeezable baby food pouches of organic baby food have been hitting the market for over 5 years and exploded in popularity.”

“Parent Friendly” makes spout pouch baby food be so popular

Parents love the pouches for the convenience: They can squirt the puree onto a spoon for the baby; when the child gets older, he or she can suck the food straight out of the pouch. There is very little mess. In the last few years, Gerber and other power players in the baby food market added pouches to their product lines, and not just for organics, according to Mintel. And just as conventional baby foods come in pouches these days, some organics are sold in jars.  

Who else in the pouch-style baby food market?

Gerber, Heinz, Plum Organics, Sprout, and other baby food players added the spout pouch-style baby food & expanded its product lines with baby food pouch.

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