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Market News: New Stand Up Pouch Of Daily’s Cocktails Is Unveiled

Daily’s Cocktails, the leading pre-mixed frozen pouch cocktails maker & customer-driven pouch cocktails brand, continues its innovative idea in 2013 with new packaging pouch for its new cocktail pouch line.

To keeps Dailys Cocktails be fresh and exciting, Dailys Cocktails added 6 flavors to its cocktail pouch line in 2013.

With the updated cocktail pouch packaging, consumers can identify the pouch cocktails’ line, which are Tropical, Classic & Light, by the distinguishable color schemes:

New Packaging Daily’s Cocktail Pouch Introduction:
new daily cocktail pouch
1.Classic Flavors
Margarita, Pomegranate Acai Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Peach Daiquiri & Lemonde, are packaged with striking & bold flavor-based colors.

2. Tropical Line
It is packaged with aqua-colored pouches.

3. Light Flavors
It is packaged with sliver packaging.

[Editor Notes: Cocktail in pouch is showing an increasing popularity. Spout pouch or stand up pouch without spout are the most common packaging format of cocktail or pre-mixed alcoholic beverages. Welcome to read here for our innovative beverage pouch. If you have further inquiry, please send as a mail or fill our inquiry form]

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