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Market Story: What makes Sprout move from glass jar to spout pouch?

Sprout Foods, the organic baby and toddler food manufacturer, who was the first baby food maker replaced the glass jar with resealable zipper flexible packaging. Now, it takes a further step with the choke-free, twist-off cap and dispensing flexible spout pouch for its pureed fruit, vegetable, and grain blends. 

“Our change in packaging is to better serve those needs mand offer more convenience.” says Sprout vice president of marketing – Geoff Stella.

She mentioned, the squeezable pouch with the top spout and twist-off cap better met parents’ needs through its research.

Children can eat Sprouts babies food on their own with the light-weight, squeezable pouch with the top spout. According to Stella, parents like the “Self-feeding” features so much. 

What’s more, Sprout also maximize flavors and nuttrients in its recipes by using both hot-fill and retort cooking processes. The different cooking processes allows Sprout to offer recipes with just vegetables or vegatables with grains. “We are the only brand that offers this. As a result, with Sprout, parents are not forced to serve theri kid fruit at every feeding like with the competition.”,Stella explains.

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