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Nielsen Research: USA Spent $200 Million On Squeezable Alcoholic Beverage Pouch

Nielsen, the global leading market research company, reported that sales for pouched beverages neared $200 million in a 12-month period through 18 Aug of last year, which is nearly 10 times higher than 2010’s (12 million in sales) within the similar period in the lastest market research.It Is Just The Beginning
 “Based on recent research, sales of alcohoic drink in pouch are likely to remain on an upward trajectory”, says Danny Brager, VP of Beverage/Alcohol Practice for Nielsen. He adds, “12% of alcoholic-beverage buyers purchased a pouch product in last year, nearly twice the number of people who bought one in the previous year.”
Increasing Popularity Of Alcoholic Beverage Drinks Pouch  The number of alcoholic beverage packaged with pouch or spout pouch is increasing. Recenly, some leading beverages brands like Daily’sSmirnoff, Parrot Bay, offer their alcoholic beverages with squeezable stand up spout pouch their for new & innovative alcoholic beverage development. Patrick Hughes, marketing director for Diageo-Guinness USA, believes alcoholic beverage spout pouch will be the company priority. He says, “We believe that we will continue to see tremendous growth in this new frozen pouch segment, and we will continue to look for opportunities to create high-quality products to be a priority for the company as long as customers show a demand for them.”  Opportunity For New Or Small Drinks Companies With the benefits of lower total costs, spout pouch or pouch offers opportunities for new or small drinks compaines to enter the forzen cocktail business. Austin, a TX-based DGI Beverage maker, introduced a new RTD cocktails linke – BLACK iGUANA Margaritas & Cocktails. According to Austin, the new pouch alcoholic beverages have soared by 417% in revenue last year. [Editors’ notes: Are you thinking of entering new market or re-design your beverage or alcoholic beverage with pouch? Check out our innovative spout pouches here, or contact us by email or fill in our inquiry form here.]

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