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No more rigid bottle! Let’s get FLEXIBLE!

Compared to PET bottles and glass containers:

  • Cheer Pack’s flat lightweight construction significantly reduces greenhouse gases produced in shipping.
  • With fewer trucks on the road inbound and outbound savings in transportation costs and petroleum.
  • Per 100g of product, use of glass containers packaging results in 14 times more landfill material by weight than the LOGOS Pack.
  • Per 100g of product, LOGOS Pack presents 93% less packaging weight than glass containers and 39% less packaging weight than PET bottles.
  • LOGOS Packing presents a 17:1 product-to-package advantage over glass containers and 10:1 product-to-package advantage over PET bottles.


The logos packaging pouch is made from an outer layer of polyester that is reverse printed. This material is then laminated to a thin aluminum sheet to achieve barrier properties. The inside layer is polyethylene which is used to seal the pouch together.

  • Reduced packaging
  • Our cap is HDPE and therefore 100% recyclable
  • Reduced transportation
  • Reduced warehouse requirements

Research & development efforts are currently underway to create an additive to make the film environmentally degradable.


              ENGINE OIL POUCH

A reason people prefer spout pouch than rigid bottle is that it requires much less disposal space.


This is really impressive to apply spout pouch intead of glass bottle or PET bottle. It’s smart way to pass security scanning when go take subway or train with a drink you like.

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