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Packaging Is Marketing

Everyone knows that first impression matters. Falling in love at the first sight – it is not only for lovers but also for the packaging of products. I asked myself what products did I buy from impulse buying behaviour this week – at the beginning I thought I was a rational man who would never be swayed and I only bought things I need, not what I want. However after five minutes of thinking when I was on my way home, I realised I was not that rational – the gum, the crisp, my suit, my cell, even the car I was driving, were bought impromptu.

My protégé made a joke once saying that “people may not judge a book from its cover, but definitely from the packaging of the goods”. When we look at the packaging of products, it is not hard to see the tempting packaging designs especially for FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods). Throughout my twenty years of sales experience in packaging industry, I observed designs with successful marketing responses, and packaging which gets furious criticism. Here I summarise the keys to making your packaging design which never fails.

1. Check the Design

Mistranslation can be a fatal mistake due to carelessness. Your product could probably be laughed for ages and got posted on internet; while in the worst case you may even get sued for reason of misleading information or making false statement. If your product is selling to overseas you better get the artwork checked with the designers of that market. The design may be deemed as a joke in your country but offensive in other places – and you probably do not want your brand suffered from the accusation of racism or nationalism.

2. Consult Your Packaging Supplier

People like me who have many years in packaging industry must have a lot of ideas for you on how to improve the design with professional production techniques. Matt coating, de-metallisation, window packaging design, easy peeling feature, low temperature sealing, anti-choking/ baby-proof caps, anti-spilling spout, hook-to-hook Aplix zipper, pull-tab zipper etc. There are so many skills which I cannot list them out in this article. This expertise is the value and reason why you should go for a professional packaging manufacturer. An excellent packaging supplier does not only provide you good quality bags, but he/she also offers you valuable advice and expertise to adorn your product packaging and enhance its function.

3. Packaging Format

Get the appropriate packaging format for your product. If you are a juice manufacturer, take spout pouch; if you are a snack food co-packer, get stand up pouch or flat bottom bag for your product. Of course it is great to pick some exotic packaging formats other than your competitors but please also take the user experience/ friendliness and the compatibility of filling machine in your facility into consideration when determining the packaging style.

4. Persuasive VS Informative

Depending on the nature of your product, you should think of how many words and graphics to put into the packaging design. If you are FMCG brand owner and are targeting the young age population, you should use more graphics than words. It is the age of graphics where people rather browse Instagram than reading. On the other hand if it is an industrial or pharmaceutical packaging which detailed information is needed for the use instruction or statutory requirement, then go for words of course.

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