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Retort pouch in microwave oven

Ready food request extremely high barrier to obtain long shelf time. Al foil works all the time, but sometime, consumer wants to enjoy the food when it is heated. Microwave wont heat the food if the pouch is made with Al foil and the microwave cant get through with metal. Plus, Al foil is not transparent, which means the content cant be seen without open the pouch.

Is there other option for retort pouch? The answer is Yes! LOGOS Packaging is applying new material which has high barrier as Al foil does and transparent as PET or NY. The laminated film can be heated by microwave oven as no metal foil inside. The consumer will heat it in microwave oven, take it and enjoy the warmed up food.

Plus, it will be much more consumer friendly when the pouch is made with spout attached. Just check the following picture!

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