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Retort Pouch Introduction

Retort pouch, or called high temperature sterilizable pouch, is the ideal substitute of metal can & glass. It is unbreakable and suitable for multitude of ready to eat foods, premade meal, processed foods, snack foods, such as, ready soup packaging, ready meal packaging, cooked sauce packaging, chestnut packaging, pet food packaging, tuna packaging, salmon packaging and more ready food packaging.Retort pouch can be produced as a 3 side seal, stand up pouch or spout pouch. The shape of retort pouch can be tailor-designed; spout fitment can be centered opening or angled opening, all chosen depending on customer’s applications and preferences. With composited material by dry bond lamination, it is ultimate oxygen and moisture barrier, resulting of longer shelf life. Therefore, retort pouch known as flexible canning, which has the similar functionality with rigid canning.
 Compared together with the rigid can, thanks to the thinner materials, the largest benefit of retort pouch is faster retort process. Retort pouch can be sterilized at 110℃ or 121℃ for 25 to 30 minutes. Results of shorter retort process, food tastes better and nutrition value won’t be lost as much as traditional metal can packaging, while remaining economical. 
 Recently, glasses and cans are the most common packaging for ready foods or processed foods. Therefore, innovative retort pouch is undoubtedly outstanding and powerful for market differentiation in an intensive ready to eat food market. Quick and fast demands push microwavable retort pouch blooming. High barrier, non-foil microwaveable retort pouch is being the fastest growing ready to eat food packaging in developed countries or particularly in Asia countries. Microwaveable retort pouch can be designed with a clear window, so consumers can view the content before purchasing. Furthermore, retort pouch has better graphics presentation, which traditional rigid packaging can’t achieve. The options of customized packaging, like Matt Finishing, Metallic Pantone effect, designed shape and other value-added features, are exclusive for retort pouch at LOGOS Packaging.
 What’s more, retort pouch is safe and convenient, which is favored by most buyers. Retort pouch brings comfort to customers, as they can open the pouch effortlessly without a tin opener.
 Lastly, it is cost-effectiveness and environmental friendly, less production materials are required. As retort pouch is light and flat when empty, logistic cost, storage cost, warehouse cost, retort process cost and wastes are reduced.

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