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Snack Packaging and How To Lock The Freshness

The snack food industry is constantly growing and evolving in a rapid pace. For this reason many new packaging solutions are in demand to help the brand owners develop a more appealing packaging. Bags or pouches can be used for most snack food items, from crisps packaging to wet food packaging. This has come to a challenge to keep the foods fresh inside the package for the sake of a longer shelf life and product quality.

With a great variety of materials and resin offer, Logos helps brand owners to meet any snack packaging need to extend the product’s shelf life and maintain a good quality of snack from the time it was packed. Here at Logos, from keeping chips and cereals crisp and crunchy, to making sure cookies and confections come out of the package tasty and delicious, you can taste the difference we deliver.

Foil Layer / Aluminium Foil / Vacuum Metallised PET

Foil is the most reliable material when it comes to protection and barrier function in flexible packaging industry. Foil is usually laminated between the layers and is therefore well protected. Compared to other existing barrier material foil is still the best one to isolate the content from oxygen and barrier, and for this reason foil is widely used in MRE (military ready to eat) food industry.

Metallised film comes to the second option. It is cheaper but does not function as well as aluminium foil. Film, usually PET, is under processed called vacuum metallisation with the melt aluminium. Most chips packaging are using this material as we call “VMPET” or “Met-PET” for barrier and protection of the crisps.

The biggest drawback of aluminium foil is that there will be no window created for a see-through design unless de-met is used.  

KPET / PET-PVDC (Polyvinylidene Chloride)

The PVDC coating offers a highly effective oxygen & moisture barrier, oil resistance, punch resistance and a high degree of stiffness than other protective coating chemicals. This K-coating is widely used in bakery industry and snack food packaging because it allows a window to look at the product inside.

However, this material is not perfect with some drawbacks. Getting yellowish is probably the blemish of PVDC when it ages. It will also become more fragile that easy cracking would happen, that diminishes the barrier function of the package.

There are so many structures offering protection for your product. If you are not sure which one will suit for yours, contact Logos and let us help you create the best packaging.

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