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Spout pouch, or known as pouch with spout, spouted pouch and stand up pouch with pouch, is the perfect substitute of rigid bottle and glass. It is BPA Free, unbreakable and suitable for multitude of liquids, powder or granular, such as, juice packaging, milk packaging, ice cream packaging, sauce packaging, baby food packaging and fluid packaging.Spout pouch can be produced as a 3 side seal or stand up pouch. Shape can be designed as well as spout can be centered opening or angled opening, all chosen depending on your applications and preferences. Compared to rigid bottles, thanks to the light materials and variety of design options, the largest benefit of spout pouch is convenience and portability. Consumer can put it in backpack or even pocket. Furthermore with the spout as well as reduction in pouch size and food inside of the pouch, it is certainly easy to dispense, easy to open and easy to hold.  Currently, the most common packaging for liquids, powder or granular are PET bottles and cans. Innovative spout pouch is undoubtedly eye catching and powerful for market differentiation in a homogenous competitive market. In addition, spout pouch shows many positive aspects in marketing which traditional packaging can’t achieve. The options of customized technologies such as Matt Finishing, D-metallization, designed shape and other exclusive value-added features, are only available for spout pouch at LOGOS Packaging. What’s more, spout pouch is cost-effectiveness and environmental friendly, less production materials are required. As spout pouch is light and flat when empty,  logistic cost, storage cost, warehouse cost and wastes are reduced. Need more information about spout pouch? Let’s talk with LOGOS consultants.

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