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Stand up pouches with spout

Stand up pouches


The LOGOS range covers pouch sizes with a capacity of 100 – 10,000 ml. Depending on the products’ requirements and specific weights and the pouch size, different film types or film thicknesses are used in the substrate and possibly the barrier and seal layers. They therefore offer various barriers and thereby guarantee the products’ shelf life.


Stand up pouches can be manufactured on several production lines depending on the customer’s wishes. For example, special forms include stand up pouches with different carrying handle designs, with special side and/or bottom contours and with resealable closures (zippers). The pouches can additionally be equipped with spouts. Throughout development, LOGOS works closely together with customers and the intended filling technology in order to bring optimal stand up pouches to the market.


The substrate films can be printed with up to ten colours via reverse or frontal printing using the flexographic and the gravure printing methods. Both solvent-based and solvent-free adhesive lamination and the extrusion lamination method are available for manufacturing the laminate.

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