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The 15 Year Retrospective of the Innovative Flexible Standup Pouch

The Flexible Packaging Magazine’s 15 year anniversary is celebrating in recent days, providing a unique opportunity for us to see that “packaging revolution” has been happening in the flexible packaging industry looking back over the past 15 years and beyond, and also creating a new prospect as to where we are headed with regards to the bright and exciting opportunities the future will hold for the flexible packaging industry, especially the popular standup pouch packaging format.

There is no doubt the elegant and modern standup pouch and other evolving forms of flexible packaging will create new age of changing the world as it proved on many levels.

Not only can be produced in plenty of formats and designs to provide distinction on the shelf and even added value, convenience and functionality to suit an ever increasing array of product application, but also standup pouch can be customized from a basic laminate structure to a multi-layer barrier material to accommodate an Oxygen sensitive product or the most complex application.

Marketing Potential for Standup Pouch

Added value and created marketing opportunities bringing along with standup pouch have been proved from where companies have partnered the standup pouch with rigid packaging to create both a choice for their customers and a clever marketing strategy as to utilizing the pouch to promote brand loyalty and to address desired sustainability at the same time.

Based on the ability of pegging or standing the pouch has been proven to provide a major advantage of marketing versatility, increased versatility of Standup Pouch has brought out packaging differentiation impact to marketing throughout the retail environment. Therefore, a handful of committed industry visionaries all possess a keen sight to the future nurtured and promoted the standup pouch market in North America.

Opening for Primary Flexible Packaging

The popularization of Ziplock bag, which was introduced to the US consumer in the early 1980s, has created the momentum for primary flexible packaging, along with that the US consumer was being educated on using and adapting to the concept of zipper reclosable packaging.

“I have seen this occurring in a much larger scale in parts of Europe, whereby consumers are charged based on the weight of their trash disposal and as a result, many consumers leave behind at the supermarket any perceived over-packaging. I witnessed firsthand, the outer carton from cereal purchases stacked not so neatly in piles near the front of the grocery store. I was curious to see customers leaving the store with only the unprinted inner bag of cereal. Not only leaving the cereal box behind, but perhaps more importantly, the printed brand information on the box, now just an unlabeled, generic bag of cereal, any brand manager’s nightmare” Dennis has said in this report.

A potential solution can be sought from standup pouch by eliminating the carton and providing instead a pre-printed standup pouch with an integrated reclosable zipper feature.  

A multitude of convenience has been brought to both customers and company marketing strategy. Many customers has less of a need to repackage their food products at home and in the meantime, repeated sales and critical brand loyalty have been achieved for company marketing strategy through customer convenience and product freshness retaining.

Therefore, utilizing the repackaging strategy can create differentiated marketing angles and new methods of flexible packaging are becoming an increasingly important component of this new marketing strategy to add excitement and reposition both new and mature traditional products in a different way throughout the retail environment.


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