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LOGOS Packaging offers a broad range of products and services. Our knowledge, contacts, technical skills and experience can help you find the ideal packaging solution.

Listed below are some of our products and services. Please contact us to discuss your specific packaging requirements. We will work with you to develop a customized flexible packaging program that meets your business needs:

Films:  coextrusions, metalized, barriers, breathable or biodegradable films
Printing:  Rotogravure printing up to 12 colors and 175 LPI
Bags:  Sideweld polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) bags
Pouches:  Laminated pouches
Roll Stock:  for high-speed form-fill-seal applications
Specialty Finishing: Laser tear lines and micro-perforating; hot-needle venting


The Asian Pacific region is a global leader for flexible packaging. logos Packaging has established close relationships and utilizes many of the most trusted manufacturers of flexible packaging in Asia. With the volume that we purchase and ship we can match or improve the quality of materials and printing you are now receiving, while at the same time reducing your costs, even if you are not a major packaging buyer. All materials and inks meet American and European food safety standards.  Lead times are predictable and reliable, and sometimes actually better than local suppliers!

Customer Service

At LOGOS we understand that a package is more than a container. Good packaging is an important communication tool and a critical component of a targeted and integrated branding program. logos specializes in providing innovative and customized solutions for all of your flexible packaging needs. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and objectives in order to create high quality and cost effective packaging solutions. Our collaborative process allows us to reduce development time, and ensure that your packaging concepts are both workable and readily producible. LOGOS Packaging has the experience and expertise to assist you through every stage of the packaging process.

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