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Tip the Scales in Your Favor with Packaging Designed for Nowadays

Tip The Scales In Your Favor With Packaging Designed For Nowadays
Tip the Scales in Your Favor with Packaging Designed for Nowadays

Consumer eye-tracking research shows that the Stand Pouch performs significantly better than rigid packaging formats at attracting and keeping shoppers’ attention.

While several market leaders are unwilling to consider converting from “what has always been” to innovative pouches, some market leaders make a winning bet on flexible packaging, and the results speak for themselves. Market leaders with large investments in existing rigid packaging lines often resist converting to pouches. This provides a golden opportunity for small and mid-size brands to level the playing field with their larger competitors, by being the first to disrupt the product category with a superior packaging solution.

The premade Stand Pouch is only a example. Many innovative, convenient stand-up pouches are providing new ways for Davids to compete with the Goliaths of the marketplace.

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