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Use Spout Pouches For Liquid and Beverage Packaging

Spout pouches are a cost-effective packaging format compared to rigid packaging and are available with many different types of attachments of fitments or spouts, with a great variety of sizes and colours available. Spout bags have gained a tremendous popularity all over the world particularly in liquid packaging, beverage packaging, and other market segments requiring creative packaging solutions. At Logos our sucked pouches include the application of baby foods, fruit purees, icings, sauces, pudding, and yogurt. 

In my 20+ years experience in this field, liquids and beverages are notoriously tricky to pack. These products require packaging that can be successfully filled, stored, transported, displayed, purchased, used, and disposed of. Spouted stand up pouches for liquid meet all of these criteria, which allow a flexible filling, either directly through the spout or through a void in the film that is later sealed. Liquids are safely stored in the doy-pack and it stands up easily on store shelves for a better display.

The most thrilling fact is that spouted stand up pouch is one of the lowest cost options for liquid and beverage packaging. Comparing spouted pouches to glass and rigid plastic, you will realise that when it comes to quality and price, there is no contest at all. In addition to being efficient and cost effective, they are easier to use with a great reduction of hassle and waste. Traditional liquid and beverage packaging particularly for messy products like grease, can be frustrating and wasteful. Now with an option of a better packaging alternative, you are able to prove that your business is thoughtful, innovative, and user-friendly on the customer experience.

Thinking Outside the Bottle

There is a misconception about flexible packaging although this is becoming less preva lent, but still exists for some. The misconception is the thought that pouches are not as durable or functional as rigid packaging. The technical director of Logos, Mr. Yang, claims that “I think the biggest struggle for liquid pouches is overcoming the misconception that they cannot perform the exact functions as bottles. When designing a pouch for liquid, the packaging engineer needs to understand the various ways that choosing flexible packaging that can improve the funcationality of packages or to solve the fundamental problem that the client is experiencing, and of course, add value for the consumer. There are many ways to add convenience and enhance the user friendliness on liquid bags in flexible packaging industry.”

When addressing the perceived durability of pouches, Mr Yang supplements, “We have developed spouted pouches that hold 5 liters of liquid (equivalent to 169 ounces or 1.3 gallon), and pass 4 ft. drop testing (1.2 meters). In my opinion, pouches can perform as good, and in some cases better, than bottles.” Any other misconceptions about the durability of pouches will likely subside as numerous liquid products migrate from rigid packaging to pouches, and the “flexible packaging natives”—a generation of consumers that grew up drinking juice from flexible pouches—take center stage in future.

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