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We need ready food, and ready food need Retort pouch

Safe flexible packaging, of processed food and other ready to eat meals are made possible through the use of LOGOS PACKAGING’s high barrier retort pouch. Our retort pouches provide convenience in the preparation of pre-cooked meals and contribute to a more environmentally friendly packaging option. Retort pouches have been tested and are safe for the direct use of edible goods.

Retort Pouch

Technical aspects

Retort pouches are produced with high quality films such as PPE, LLDPE, MET, PVC, BOPP and PET to enhance the overall flexibility and durability of pouches. LOGOS PACKAGING produces retort pouches that are biodegradable and which can be recycled; bags produced are also more cost effective in comparison to your rigid tin packaging. Bags are available in either a stock or custom selection option of which all stock orders have a minimum quantity of 1000 units and custom orders 15000 units. We make use of the rotogravure printing technique and can imprint 600 DPI (dot per inch) hence clear and excellent visual printing is achieved. Retort pouches are highly attractive to consumers because of their food preserving feature. Offering high barrier retort pouches will not only increase shelf life, but will definitely increase turnovers. Size variations of pouches will vary as retort pouches are a custom selection. Metallization or aluminium layers can be added to pouches to ensure that product freshness is maintained. This packaging type provides a bountiful amount of space for product branding and other important information. Retort pouches usually make provision for the following markets, but are not restricted to only these;

  • Pre-cooked meals
  • Pet food packaging
  • Organic food packaging
  • Soup packaging

Advantage of product use

The uses of retort pouches provide companies who wish to invest in them with advantageous benefits such as;

  • On all custom printed retort pouches, branding can be clearly displayed according to your desired preference
  • Retort pouches are safe for the direct use of food products
  • Custom retort pouches can be produced as laminated pouches thus enhancing their scratch resistant feature.
  • Retort pouches can withstand high temperatures, which assist with their
  • High barrier lamination ensures durability of retort pouches and provides overall product protection of products being packaged
  • Pouches are space convenient, hence they are shelf friendly
  • Material properties of packaging material assist with elongating shelf life of commodities being packaged.
  • Retort pouches are leakage-proof which allows for the packaging of liquid substances such as soup
  • Custom-printed retort pouches fixed with bottom gussets are effective for promotional displays
Retort Pouch

Visuals and features of product

Retort pouches are a very convenient for flexible packaging can be used to package pre-cooked foods or liquid substances. Retort pouches produced at Swiss Pac are eco- friendly, cost efficient and are produced with the highest quality of plastic films in order to ensure that pouches are durable and flexible to withhold substances of different forms and temperatures. We do not offer retort pouches within our stock selection, but only as a custom order offer.

Pouches can be produced in various sizes dependent on size required. Other features that the spout pouch includes;

  • Retort pouches are fixed with bottom gussets, enhancing their ability to stand unattended on shelves thus making them more consumer luring and shelf friendly
  • Retort pouches are leakage –proof
  • High barrier materials are used to ensure that the shelf life of spout pouches is extended and packaging is product safe
  • All retort pouches produced at LOGOS PACKAGING are low in OTR (oxygen transmission rate) preserving products for longer
  • Bags are high in transparency, providing clearer product viewing

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