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As you’ve seen in the market, not only baby food is packed in spout pouch, but engine oil, windshelf cleaning water are all have packed in pouch. Now, many wine companies are applying spout pouch to re-build their brands and become more consumer friendly.

See how Chris said about spout pouch:

“The single serve delivery provides a significant benefit compared to a bottle.” said Chris Didden, 

president of SpotWine LLC, the company that developed SpotWine. “With a bottle that is half finished,

 there is either wastage or degradation in the wine plus the inconvenience of re-corking or finding another 

method to preserve the wine’s freshness. Pouches are very portable, weighing a fraction of a bottle and can

 be packed far more conveniently in a cooler.”

“This innovation provides a very significant environmental and cost benefit due to the significantly less weight

 versus a glass or PET bottle.” Says Paul Winter, Chief Operations Officer, “The material of the pouch allows it 

to be kept on ice, allowing the contents to get colder quicker and maintain its temperature.”

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