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Spout pouch is really a breakthrough in packaging. Light weight, space saving, aquires much lower cost for transportation and storage. Plus, beautiful printing really attracts consumers’ attention.

Spout pouch is perfect for baby food or other food for kids who are too young to handle themselves. Let’s say, ice-cream. Little kids messed up when they enjoy ice-cream by themselves. Sourrounding area of their lips also “enjoy” the ice-cream. But it truly is a big headache for moms. Things will be much better if the ice-cream is packed with spout pouch. Nothing messed up.

Yogurt, same thing! Mom used to feed the baby yogurt with spoon. Now, yogurt in spout pouch will free mom as the baby is perfectly OK to enjoy yogurt himself. No bother!

Ready food in spout pouch. Take and Go! Enjoy the food without spend too much time to cook. Just grab one and go!

Windshelf water/dish washer. Yes, spout pouch is not only for food, it is also great for dairy commodities, like windshelf water, engin oil, dish washer…

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